What is Unlocking the World?

Unlocking the World is a series of professional development programs for classroom teachers. All programs have been developed by the South Australian government's provider of public education, the Department for Education and Child Development (DECD).

All programs incorporate current theory and sound pedagogy in a package proven to provide Tutors with the knowledge, skills and materials to deliver ongoing quality professional development to other teachers. As a trained Tutor, participants will be a long-term professional development resource.

The current programs are:

Program structure

A two-tier train-the-trainer model.

Tutor Training Program

A DECD Consultant comes to a school or education system to deliver an intensive three to five day train-the-trainer program to a group of up to 20 teachers. At the end of the training successful graduates are awarded a certificate and licence to deliver the program to their colleagues.

Teacher Development Course

This is the course which licensed graduates of the Tutor Training Program deliver to classroom teachers in their school or education system.

The flexible nature of the Tutor Training Program allows Tutors to adapt the Teacher Development Course to take into account the specific needs of the teachers they are training while at the same time relating the program to the particular policies and cultures of their school or education system.

Tertiary accreditation towards further post-graduate study is available in many countries.


Accessing Tutor Training

By undertaking a Tutor Training Program at one of the many venues around the world you will equip yourself with the skills and knowledge to deliver a professional development course to your colleagues. The licence you receive entitles you to deliver the Teacher Development Course wherever you are teaching.

Tutor Programs are delivered by DECD at a range of host venues around the world. Search our Tutor training venues section for a location convenient to you.

Can't find a suitable venue? Let us contact you
If a suitable location is currently not available you can let us tell you about future venues for the program/s you identify. Alternatively, you could choose to work with DECD to plan and deliver a program in your school. For further information, see Hosting a Tutor Training Program in your school or contact us.