Hosting a Tutor Training Program in your school

Hosting a Tutor Training Program is about collaborating with DECD to coordinate the running of a successful Tutor Training Program in your school. The 10% of program revenue you receive covers the use of your facilities, the provision of a number of services and your time in working with us to promote and fill your program. Using both your and our networks, this is usually a simple task and, of course, there is no cost or penalty to your school if the program does not proceed for any reason.

Why become a Host?

You will benefit in the following ways:

  • Tutor training occurs in your own school, giving you more control over when and where you receive training. Your school's prospective Tutor/s will save on travel and accommodation costs.
  • Your school will receive a 10% commission on gross program revenue.
  • Your school adds to its credentials as an institution that values the professional development of not only their own teachers but the profession in general.


What does a Host do?

As a host school, you provide a catered venue and work with DECD and our Consultants to promote your program.

Promote your program

Your intimate knowledge of your professional network of schools and colleagues will be a key factor in our success in attracting small groups of up to 20 teachers for your chosen program. As the Host, you work in partnership with us and our Consultants to fill program places and support teachers through the enrolment process.

Provide services

To support teachers during the program, you will be responsible for providing:

  • welcoming and functional conference facilities
  • lunch and morning and afternoon tea on each day of the program
  • information on accommodation, local restaurants and things to do and see in your city and surrounds.


What does DECD do?

DECD and our Consultants support you at all times to be a successful Host. We work with you and your staff from your initial interest through to delivery of your program.

Share the enrolment fees

We recognise the vital and important role our host schools play in the success of the program delivery. As a significant partner, your school receives 10% on the total enrolment fees collected.

Provide support and resources

To support your school during the program, DECD will be responsible for:

  • providing a highly qualified and experienced Consultant to conduct the Tutor Training Program in your school. Our Consultant will become your school's 'mentor' prior to and after the delivery of your program
  • supplying all required Tutor Training Program materials
  • supporting you and your staff in finding Tutor Training Program participants
  • collecting all fees directly from teachers and keeping you informed of enrolment numbers and details.

At the completion of the program, DECD:

  • licenses successful Tutor Program graduates to deliver the Teacher Development Course
  • supplies the manuals for the Teacher Development Course to licensed Tutors only
  • remits 10% of the program revenue directly into your school's account.


How do you become a Host?

If you decide to become a Host, the process is as follows:

  • Contact DECD at to arrange for one of our Tutor Training Consultants to get in touch with you to discuss your training needs and a suitable date for your program.
  • Once these decisions are made, we send you a 'Letter of Agreement'.
  • When DECD receives the executed 'Letter of Agreement', your program is posted on our website. DECD and our Consultants support you to fill your program and ensure that all appropriate preparations are made.
  • Approximately six weeks before your program date, you, DECD and our Consultants collaboratively decide whether your program will proceed, based on enrolment numbers.
  • On agreement to proceed, DECD confirms final numbers and forwards the appropriate training materials to you.


What if you do not get enough enrolments?

This does occasionally happen. However, DECD and our Consultant will work with you diligently to ensure the likelihood of achieving our agreed minimum numbers.

However, if we collaboratively decide to cancel the program, all prospective participants will be personally informed of this decision and directed to where they may join another program.

There is no risk to you or to your school's reputation—we do not proceed without your agreement and there are no costs involved if the program does not go ahead.

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