Program Terms and Conditions

All Unlocking the World Tutor Training programs are copyrighted to the Department for Education and Child Development, South Australia (the Department). World copyright exists on all the materials and resources associated with the program.

All rights to the training, the training materials, training content, the administration of the Tutor Training programs and awarding of the Tutor licences remain with the Department.


By the professional development provider or host

DECD Publishing (a part of the Department) or a hosting institution reserve the right to cancel Training if enrolment numbers do not reach a viable number, or if other extenuating circumstances prevail.

A full refund will be paid to the applicant should the Department or the Host cancel Training.

By the applicant

The following refund will apply if an applicant cancels their place in the Training:

  • full refund will apply for six weeks, or more, prior to the commencement of the Training
  • 75% refund will apply if cancelled between 6 and 2 weeks prior to the commencement of the Training
  • 50% refund will apply if cancelled between 2 weeks and course start date
  • no refund will apply for failure to attend the first day of the Training without prior notification.

Only written (email) notice of cancellation will be accepted.


Program structure

The Programs consist of two parts:

  • The Tutor Training Program
  • The Teacher Development Course

(See 'About UtW').

Only the Department can deliver the Tutor Training. Licensed Tutors are not authorised to conduct the Tutor Training or in any other way train other Tutors.

Qualifications for Tutor Training participants

Participants must be graduate teachers.

Participants are expected to already be experienced in, and/or have some qualification about, the Tutor Training discipline they undertake.

The Department reserves the right to not offer a Training placement if an applicant's qualifications and/or experience would limit their ability to fully benefit from the Training.

Graduate Licence

The Department will provide successful graduates of the Tutor Training with a graduation certificate and a licence as non-commercial providers of the Teacher Development Course.

The licence is issued on the strict condition that the licensee is not authorised to deliver the Teacher Development Course as a business venture for the purpose of returning a commercially viable business profit.

The Department will only sell Teacher Development Course materials to licensed graduates. Licensed graduates will need to purchase their supplies of Teacher Development Course materials through DECD Publishing. Freight, customs duties, and other local taxes and charges are payable by the purchaser.

Training fee

The Training fee includes the tuition, the Tutor Training Program materials and morning, afternoon and lunch refreshments. Accommodation and travel are at the participant's own expense.

Other fees or services may be provided at the Host's own discretion.

Training outline

Refer to an appropriate Unlocking the World Tutor Training Program brochure or webpage (see